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Wooden Wedding Vow keepsake

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Engraved wedding vows - a sentimental gift for your partner, or for a lovely couple

Did you write your own vows and want to keep them? Your vows can be engraved on wood for a rustic chic look or on clear acrylic for a stylish and modern look.

These vow cards are personalised with your vows and colour of resin or can be left raw.

You will receive a set of wooden or clear acrylic cards with stands to keep on your bedside table or shelf in your living room.

You can also personalise your vow cards with beautiful colours made out of resin.

To order please email your vows to and also select which colour option you are after, if wanting resin please enter your 3 colours in to the provided text box.


Resin pouring is never consistant and may vary from piece to piece.

For more information or any questions please feel free to email us.