Hi, I’m Danella, owner and operator of Dee & Co; Queensland’s home of wedding and custom décor.  



Like many startup businesses, my journey started at my dining room table, making décor for new baby's. At that stage, the business was known as Tiny Tots Design and Décor. But when I started getting requests for wedding décor, I knew I needed to find a name which encompassed all that I was capable of designing. So, the business transitioned to Danella’s Design and Décor.   



In 2016, I purchased my first laser cutter. This was a game-changer for my business. Suddenly, the design and textile options were endless. The laser became the final piece in the puzzle of finding my perfect business name; Dee & Co - Laser Cutting and Engraving.   



With the addition of my laser to the business, weddings became an organic and straightforward progression. I was so mesmerised by the gorgeous products in wedding photos, but now I was to be able to duplicate and put my own spin on them. The timing couldn’t have better as well, with the rise in popularity of boho boutique and rustic weddings.  



Five years on, I now have the immense pleasure of working with brides and wedding vendors to create everything from invitations to favours to seating charts. By offering this wide range of services, my brides can create symmetry through their wedding and reception, which really ties everything together.  



All year round I am also working hard to find unique and quirky gift options for my clients. These come in the form customised cheese boards or serving platters, coasters and more. All the while I am still connected to my roots with other custom décor options for new mums and bubs. The possibilities are really only limited by your imagination. This is why I love when clients come to me with unique design ideas; because I get to try new options with my laser! 



Creating and painting have always been an outlet for me. It has been something I have enjoyed sharing with my children over the years, and now, seeing the joy on my clients’ faces when they see their custom orders fill me with the same pleasure.  



My studio is located in Mackay, but I can ship Australia wide. I would love to help you find your next personalised gift or custom made decor.